Blow In Wall Insulation

create a settle proof R15 wall insulation as opposed to wet cellulose which only achieves an R13

Insulating your home is one of the big steps you can take in improving your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. Using a blow-in type of insulation is not as expensive as you might think and blow-in insulation can be added to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Many building supply stores will even give you free rental of the equipment if you purchase a set amount of material. Many homeowners may find that this is a job they can tackle themselves and if so there are pluses and minuses of the project to keep in mind.

Blow-in insulation can fit anywhere, even inside wall gaps of only a couple of inches.

Blow-in blanket insulation is less messy than a foam spray.

Blow-in machines will come with an adapter for using in holes on finished walls.

Blow-in blanket fiberglass based insulation will not settle in walls. Cellulose insulation may over time requiring the addition of more insulation.

Blow-in blanket insulation is fire resistant. Cellulose insulation has a chemical added as a fire retardant.

Blow-in insulation will not only add significantly to the R value but also will provide some noise reduction.

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